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"The only way out of a difficulty is through it."

- Will Rogers

20 July
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This is a Role Playing Journal for a Torchwood RPG. The character of Isabel 'Izzie' Mcphee is my own creation, but the Doctor Who and Torchwood universes do not belong to me. I'm just playing around with them. Nothing to see here. These are not the 'droids you're looking for. Move along.

Izzie Bio Image

"My name is Isabel Hernandez, aka Izzie. I'm a researcher and field agent for Geocomtex, where Your Internet is Our Business<tm>. (They made me put that in.) We're located somewhere near Salt Lake City, Utah, but I'm contractually obligated not to divulge our precise location or depth.

Outside of work, I'm happily married to a fellow Geocomtex employee (waves to Ryan). Sometimes working together can be a benefit, sometimes... not so much. We've been working here for just over a year, and I think our team has really come together - it's fun, exciting, and utterly classified work. So that's all you get."

That was me, once upon a time. Then it all went to Hell in a pretty basket and I have a whole new life to organize. I'm distancing myself from 'Hernandez' and going by my maiden name of 'McPhee' now. I hope that's safe enough. Ryan probably thinks I'm dead, anyway.

I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Where Utah was dry, Scotland... isnt. That's all for now, folks.

New Year, New Life. Now, I'm in Cardiff, Wales, and my life is even stranger than I could ever have imagined.

In a good way. :D